Thursday, March 18, 2010

About the name and a little houseography

Okay, thinking of a blog name is really hard! I decided to pick something that has always frustrated me (dusty baseboards) and something I love (gleaming hardwoods). My house has both!

I bought my first home in April 2009 (closed on April Fool's Day!) and have been busy fixing it up and decorating. It was a foreclosure and had been empty for about 18 months before I bought it, the yard was crap and the interior was filthy. Slowly but steadily I've fixed up the front yard, tamed the backyard, cleaned up the inside etc. The first major project was ripping out the carpet downstairs and installing the wood floors. That was accomplished that before we moved in, however the moldings and trim are still a work in progress.

The house was built in 2004, it's two stories, 4 bedrooms (3 upstairs one down), three bathrooms (two upstairs, one down), and 1900 square feet. The master bedroom and children's rooms are upstairs, there's a Jack n' Jill bath between their rooms. That's one of the features that sold me on the house, a JnJ is perfect for twins!

My style is comfy and casual with a little dash of luxury, I want my home to feel lived in but not run down. I love combing thrift stores and flea markets for little treasures, but I'm also happy at Target or Marshall's. I have a sewing machine and while I'm not a gifted seamstress, I can limp along and make things like curtains and pillows. I hope to refine my skills gradually, we'll see how that goes.

Welcome to my blog!

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